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    This topic addresses some general guidelines about how participants are expected to behave on our board. If you have doubts on how to use the board's resources, click on the   Help link at the page top.

    • This South African Board is open to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, therefore the most important rules imposed here are those of common sense, tolerance and courtesy. Controversial topics not related to fishkeeping (religion, politics, sex, drugs, racism...) are not welcome even in the General Aquatic Talk forum or The Lounge.

    • This Board is a place for you to improve your knowledge in a certain aspect of the hobby, not to initiate it. Before asking a question, you must at least do some preliminary research throughout this website, the internet or in books on the specific topic you wish to ask about, and then come here for further clarifications, opinions and first-hand experiences on the subject.

    • This Board is a place for us to debunk myths in the hobby (fish grow to the size of their tank, etc), not spread them. When replying to a topic, you are expected to be speaking out of your own personal experience on the issue. If this is not the case you are expected to make it clear whether you're quoting a friend, a book, a website, or just relaying what you believe to be common knowledge. If quoting from a book or website, please make use of the quote button\tags and wherever possible insert the authors name or your source within the quote, thus by doing so, giving recognition to the rightful author and\or source.

    • The official language of this Board is standard International English, including its full set of punctuation and capitalization rules. We do NOT allow the use of typing, jargon and abbreviations typical of real-time Chat Rooms and Messengers (netspeak). However, we are very tolerant and welcoming towards non-native English speakers who are trying the best they can to type in standard English.

    • The Board is divided in Forums, each one having a set of related topics for discussion. Read the description of each Forum and post your topic in the one which best represents the subject you wish to discuss.

    • Never post the same topic in more than one Forum!

    •  Avoid repetitive topics! Before posting your topic, take a look at the first few pages of the respective Forum and/or use the Search Board link to see if any topic on a similar subject has been discussed or is in progress. If there is one, read it first and post your questions in that same topic, instead of opening a new one.

    • When posting, type in a descriptive subject line in your topic, so that other people interested may be attracted to it. Do not use generic subject lines like "Two questions" or "Please Help Me!"

    • Do not use only capital letters in the subject line or the body text of your topic, and do not use unnecessary repitition of characters (!!!!!) to try calling more attention to your topic - 3 characters is more than enough.

    • Do not change the colors and other font characteristics of your paragraphs just for the sake of making them look different. They can become unreadable in the future, if the site's color scheme is updated.

    • It is absolutely forbidden to post offensive words and text, personal attacks, inflamatory remarks and any subject not related to the fishkeeping hobby in the main discussion forums. Occasional gripes and differences may be resolved in private via PM, or by contacting a Moderator or Administrator.

    • If a topic or reply disappeared from the Forum in which you posted, it was either moved because a moderator considered it to be better placed in another forum, or deleted because it violated a guideline or was considered inappropriate for this Board. If it was moved, you can easily find it by clicking on View Your Posts in the Forum Index page. If you didn't understand or agree with the decision, contact a moderator by PM and the issue will be discussed and clarified.

    • Participants that abuse of posting short messages that contribute nothing to ongoing discussions (including one-line messages saying little more than 'Cool', 'Thanks' or 'I agree') may have these posts deleted as well. This type of behavior is harmful to the board and frustrating to those who click on a topic with new message, expecting to read something relevant.

    • Please refrain from badmouthing a particular LFS. This doesn't benefit anybody. Whether we like it or not, pet shops are our friend and do help us along our hobbiest journey.
    • Please refrain from discussing blacklisted flora and fauna as much as possible.

    Thanks for reading, we count on your collaboration,

    The Moderation Team
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