My trip to That Fish Place

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    I am presently in Washington and visited That Fish Place in Pensylvania. It is supposed to be the largest pet shop in the world. Do not quote me. ... 653499.pbw

    It has different sections, such as Snakes (including an enormous Yellow Anaconda), Small pets such as mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets and dogs. Saw an enormous German rabbit - did not know that rabbits grew that big. ... 935bc5.pbw

    The entire set up is enormous and hope that you can tell from the photos - I have more photos but did not want to include too much. Obviously the selction of everything is enormous

    The fresh water section consists of about 300 tanks and I did not try to count the marine tanks with excellent selection of fish, rocks and invertebrates. The packing station consists of space for 5 packers to work at the same time on a stainles steel table. ... a15987.pbw

    The plant room is quite big and a big variety of plants is available plus a few hundred bettas

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