Cardinal Tetras slowly dying

Discussion in 'Fish ailments' started by fuz940510, Nov 14, 2018.

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    Hi everyone

    I bought 10 Cardinal Tetra from my LFS about 3 weeks ago, and they looked to be doing well for the first week. After that, I started finding dead tetras, usually at the bottom of the tank. Usually one every 2 days.

    I also bought 6 Amano Shrimp and 4 Nerite snails at the same time, and they are all fine, even though i hardly ever see the Amanos. About a week ago i got 3 Panda Cories as i hadn't found any dead tetras for a few days. Unfortunately i found more dead tetras the next morning.

    I tested parameters before getting the fish, and ammonia and nitrite was 0mg/L, while nitrates were at about 10mg/L. pH is at about 7, and water is kept at about 23c. I got the store to check a sample as well, and their results matched mine. I tested again after seeing the first floater, and i got the same result. Any idea what could be causing the Tetras to die? Is there anything else i need to check? I checked for ich, but didn't find any.


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