Float it!

I know this is not a planted tank, but how awesome would it be if it was.

Float it!
Chongkie, Feb 23, 2015
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    • Chongkie
      Can someone do some calculations and designs on how to do this? Would definatly try this "when i'm all grown up.".
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    • Mallies_01
      Calculations should be quite simple. Cantilever slab with uniformly distributed load...

      Dynamics should be considered if wave makers are involved. The wall of the house will also have to be designed to accommodate the load.

      I'd reckon the design would be a lot easier than creating and maintaining such a beautiful ecosystem!;)
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    • Chongkie
      I was thinking in terms of precast / prestressed lintels through the wall. But not sure how would it be fixed. but would love to try this someday.
    • Luis Embalo
      This is so crazy.. how can it balance? This is really nuts.. :)
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