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  1. Hanver
    Hanver Snyper564
    Hallo. I see you sold your Siamese Algae Eater last year. I have a 100 litre planted tank and have been looking for a real Siamese Algae Eater, but could not find them anywhere. Firstly, do ypu think my tank is too small for a Siamese Algae Eater? If not, where did you buy the Siamese Algae Eater?
  2. NewOnTheBlock
    NewOnTheBlock Janst1201
    Happy Birthday, Wish you a blessed day and enjoy
  3. NewOnTheBlock
    NewOnTheBlock goose_za
    Happy Birthday, Wish you a blessed day and enjoy
  4. NewOnTheBlock
    Want to learn
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  5. Jacques Brits
    Jacques Brits JacoBarkhuizen
    Hi, Jacques here.

    Regarding the No Plenaria packet you recommended to kill the pest snails, me and a friend want to share a packet but, just want to know if you can tell me what is the dosing size it says on the packet so I can see how much I need for my 110l tank and if there will be left for my friends 60l tank?
    1. JacoBarkhuizen
      Hey Jacques,
      dosage is per 50L
      0~24hrs : 1 spoonful
      25~48hrs : 0.5 spoonful
      49~72hrs : 0.25 spoonful

      The pack comes with a spoon and it's small. there will be more than enough to share between you and your friend.
      Dec 14, 2017
  6. Waterman
    Excited about 2018 Riparium build!
  7. Norio De Sousa
    Norio De Sousa
    Excited about my new 135l Juwel. Waiting for lights and plants and then its all engines full-steam ahead!
  8. Chris G
    Chris G
    Avid freshwater lobster and shrimp enthusiast
  9. Ronn Newark
    Ronn Newark
    Register now and get Flat 30% OFF! Only for today
  10. Kazabs
    Kazabs Dirk B
    Good evening
    You mentioned in a post that you had Dewar containers used in research. Have you perhaps got a 10L dewar that we can store liquid nitrogen. The current container we have has seen better days. Please mail me on THANK YOU
  11. larch
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  12. faunatics
    faunatics Philip Barnard
    Write something...good interested in plants.regards.stefan
  13. faunatics
    faunatics GregB
    Write something...hi interested in some everything on your website or do you have any other rare species available. can i whatsapp or call nr is 0795801731.regards.stefan.
  14. Claudio
    Claudio Maurice
    Hey Maurice do u have shrimp
  15. Alpesh
    Alpesh NeilB
    Hi Neil , was wondering if you perhaps have a few buce plants you might be able to spare ?
  16. mamoo
    mamoo Dirk B
    Hello Prof
    I previously bought some Japan blue endler guppies from you some time back (about 3-4years ago)
    I would like to buy some more form you if you still have them as well as the normal endler guppy (black bar)
    I lost all your details in the time i have been offline.
    084 583 8638
  17. Danie
    Danie southflea
    Hi southflea, do you have any any excotic plecos left?? Please let me know. Regards Danie
  18. Danie
    Danie Trev Pleco
    Hi trev, do you have any excotic pleco's available? Regards Danie
  19. aqua labs
    aqua labs
  20. Christian
    Christian Daniel chetty
    Hi daniel , my name is christian Chetty. I'm from Durban aswell. Could u kindly invite me on whatsapp if u have substrate for sale I require a small amount probably a handful. My number is 0815019444
    Thank you