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  1. aqua labs
    aqua labs
  2. Christian
    Christian Daniel chetty
    Hi daniel , my name is christian Chetty. I'm from Durban aswell. Could u kindly invite me on whatsapp if u have substrate for sale I require a small amount probably a handful. My number is 0815019444
    Thank you
  3. Leonardbez
    Leonardbez Trev Pleco
    Do you have any CRS shrimp

  4. Wolfman
    Wolfman Snyper564
    Hi I'm interested in the Glosso, I have a low tech tank, I checked it out it should grow, my no is 0832553290 I would like to send a courier to collect, let me know if that's ok?
  5. Wolfman
    Wolfman CharleyFXST
    Hi, let me know if you are selling the filter.
  6. Wolfman
    Wolfman CharleyFXST
    Hi, I'm interested in the Tetratec 1200 Canister, please let me have your no? My no is 083 255 3290
  7. Muhammed Naqeeb Kagee
    Muhammed Naqeeb Kagee NeilB
    Hey, any Amano still available?
    1. NeilB
      Sorry no livestock left
      Jun 19, 2017
  8. Hendre
    Plants are almost as addictive as polypterus :p
  9. Innocent159
    Innocent159 2time
    awe im from eastridge, where you from?
  10. wayner1234567
    wayner1234567 Pierré Schoonraad
    I still would appreciate getting hold of some. If you can assist please let me know. I would appreciate it.
  11. southflea
    southflea Trev Pleco
    Hi Trevor
    Do you still have veiltail ancistrus? Seriously looking for some albino veils.
    Thanks Fiona
  12. mattie
    Thanks Hendre
  13. Marlon
    Good day Guys, Anyone have spare aquarium wood they not using and want to sell it, Anyone in the Cpt area Thanks
    1. Hendre
      there's good sources of mopani in Durbanville
      Jun 6, 2017
  14. Hendre
    Hendre mattie
    Happy birthday!
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  15. Louis
    Louis Trev Pleco
    HI Trev

    can i get 4 tubs of xmas mos?


  16. Hendre
    Hendre Paul
    Another cape town man! Howsit?
    1. Paul
      Cool no problems
      May 15, 2017
    2. Hendre
      Great :)
      May 16, 2017
  17. Mario J
    Mario J Laure
    Hi Laure, do you by any chance breed with your clown loaches?
  18. Armand jvvuuren
    Armand jvvuuren
    Neon tetra.longfin pleco.colour danio.leopard danio.x-ray tetra.serpae tetra
  19. Armand jvvuuren
  20. Armand jvvuuren
    Armand jvvuuren jakkalsbothma
    Hello oom Jakkals ek wil net weet hoe belangrik is C02 vir my plante en visse