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  1. southflea
    southflea Trev Pleco
    Hi Trevor
    Do you still have veiltail ancistrus? Seriously looking for some albino veils.
    Thanks Fiona
  2. mattie
  3. Marlon
    Good day Guys, Anyone have spare aquarium wood they not using and want to sell it, Anyone in the Cpt area Thanks
  4. Hendre
    Hendre mattie
    Happy birthday!
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  5. Louis
    Louis Trev Pleco
    HI Trev

    can i get 4 tubs of xmas mos?


  6. Hendre
    Hendre Paul
    Another cape town man! Howsit?
    1. Paul
      Cool no problems
      May 15, 2017
    2. Hendre
      Great :)
      May 16, 2017
  7. Mario J
    Mario J Laure
    Hi Laure, do you by any chance breed with your clown loaches?
  8. Armand jvvuuren
    Armand jvvuuren
    Neon tetra.longfin pleco.colour danio.leopard danio.x-ray tetra.serpae tetra
  9. Armand jvvuuren
  10. Armand jvvuuren
    Armand jvvuuren jakkalsbothma
    Hello oom Jakkals ek wil net weet hoe belangrik is C02 vir my plante en visse
  11. Armand jvvuuren
    Armand jvvuuren shihr
    Hello shihr u just want to know how important is dirt for a planted tank
  12. Hendre
    Hendre Theos
    I was in greenpoint earlier. Small world :)
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    3. Hendre
      Too young :p
      Gotta wait a bit
      Apr 12, 2017
    4. Theos
      Hahaha woops. No beer for you.
      Apr 12, 2017
    5. Hendre
      Totally fine by that. For me even fish tank water is a bit better haha

      Anyway I need my money for MTS lol
      Apr 12, 2017
  13. Hendre
    Hendre Lightweight
    Is that an asian stone catfish?
  14. Hendre
    Hendre McAwesome
    Another youngster I see?
  15. faunatics
    faunatics Luis Embalo
    Write something...hi interested in plants,especially in polokwane but can arrange a courier.please let me know what you have.regards.stefan.
  16. Leonardbez
    Leonardbez shihr
    Hello Shihr On the EI dose Cal i see no place where you enter the amount for CSM + B
    Only for Iron
    Do you not dose CSM + B and only Iron when using the APSA EI cal
    I am using EI (125g ref) but want to try the APSA EI cal
    The way i understand it is Micro is Iron on the APSA cal and then you ad CA and MG with the macro
    Bottle 1 is Iron
    Bottle 1 the rest of the ferts on the APSA cal


  17. Hendre
  18. Jan
    Jan Smittie
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...
  19. Jan
    Jan Ryno
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...
  20. Jan
    Jan Caydonh
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...