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  1. faunatics
    faunatics Luis Embalo
    Write something...hi interested in plants,especially in polokwane but can arrange a courier.please let me know what you have.regards.stefan.
  2. Leonardbez
    Leonardbez shihr
    Hello Shihr On the EI dose Cal i see no place where you enter the amount for CSM + B
    Only for Iron
    Do you not dose CSM + B and only Iron when using the APSA EI cal
    I am using EI (125g ref) but want to try the APSA EI cal
    The way i understand it is Micro is Iron on the APSA cal and then you ad CA and MG with the macro
    Bottle 1 is Iron
    Bottle 1 the rest of the ferts on the APSA cal


  3. Hendre
  4. Jan
    Jan Smittie
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...
  5. Jan
    Jan Ryno
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...
  6. Jan
    Jan Caydonh
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day...
  7. TheGrissom
    TheGrissom charles
    Hi Jan,
    I also have some plants that I am happy to share. Nothing hectic. Mostly some crypts and easier stuff like needle leaf Java fern, subwassertang, java moss.
  8. charles
    My sel nommer is 0813488298
  9. charles
    Ek kan nie vir jou groot hoeveelhede gee nie maar ek het bietjie van alles en gee nie om om te deel nie
  10. charles
    Stuur my n boodskap dan bel ek jou sodra ek by huis is dan reel ons
  11. charles
    Ek werk op die see en sal eers volgende donderdag op land wees
  12. charles
  13. charles
  14. Jan
    Jan charles
    Hi Charles. I'm in PE too and starting up again after an absence of 14 years... Shocking how prices have gone up and availability down...
    Maybe you can help> I'm needing quite a bit of plants and am prepared to pay. Just don't know where to start looking. Shop's quality and variety does not look too great...
    Thanks for assisting
  15. Jan
    Jan rsmit69
    Happy Birthday...
  16. Hendre
    Hendre WeirdSteam
    We meet again :D
  17. Aron
  18. Daniel chetty
    Daniel chetty
    Hi All.... anyone know where i can get some osmocote plus in Durban...tried most of the major garden suppliers outlets with no luck
  19. Daniel chetty
  20. Sven
    New tank , need some help and advice!!