General forum queries

General forum queries

General forum queries

where do i upload and share all my tank and fish pics ???

You should preferably start a new thread under "Aquascaping and Member's Setups" and upload your pics via the "Upload a File" tab . Alternatively, you can use an image hosting site such as Flickr or Photobucket and add a link to your shared pics in (for example) your signature on forum.

how do I search for a certain member?

Click or tap the "Members" tab up top. On your right (under progress bar) you'll see "Find member". Type in the members nick or part thereof and it'll show you a list of member names that start with what you typed.

What does LFS and LPS stand for?

Local fish shop & local pet shop respectively.

How do you delete an old post?

We set time limits for this so that posts cannot be altered to mean other things in future. Please contact one of our mods or admins with details of what you want altered and we will gladly help with your request.
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