Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants

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Common aquatic plant deficiencies??

This image summarizes it in a nice way. (Click for bigger image)

What are emersed aquatic plants?

Emersed plants refers to aquatic plants that are grown out of water. Most plant farms will grow their plants emersed for the simple fact that it is cheaper to grow, maintain as well as ship and adapt to your new tank environment.

Most aquatic plants can be grown out of water (emersed). When grown out of water, you may notice a physical transformation in the plant. Leaf shapes, colours and growth characteristics may differ. Some aquatic plants will only flower when in its emersed stage.

Here is an example of Rotala Rotundifolia



What are non-aquatic plants?

Non aquatic plants are plants commonly sold at your local pet shop as aquatic plants. These plants will NOT grow in your tank as they are not adapted to. Most of these plants will seem like they grow initially but all of them do indeed stop growing and melt eventually.

Why are they still selling these plants? These plants are actually meant for ripariums. Some stores, however do still advertise these as aquatic plants.

Don't waste your money and don't be fooled! Check out our list of non-aquatic plants commonly sold as aquatic plants (with pictures):

What low tech plants can a newbie grow?

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